Coleman Air Mattress Reviews

Air mattresses have a reputation for being difficult. Many people view them as uncomfortable, difficult devices that condemn visiting friends and family to nights of tossing and turning. However, air mattresses have come a long way since those days, and instead are now able to deliver comfort and convenience no matter what situation you find yourself in. One air mattress that really delivers a good night’s sleep is the Coleman SupportRest Air Mattress. Built with your ease in mind, the Coleman SupportRest is an air mattress worth checking out.

coleman air mattress

Coleman SupportRest Air Mattress-Key Features

The Coleman SupportRest Air Mattress comes with all the features and luxuries you would expect from something that carries the Coleman name. This includes a high-quality, durable air mattress that is designed to stay firm and comfortable without needing to be reinflated. The mattress is built to support your body and maintain firmness by a series of strong, internal coils that help reduce bulging on the sides, resulting in a stronger and more level sleeping surface.

The mattress retains air pressure in two ways: first, the mattress is factory-tested to be leak free, undergoing a series of tests that put this mattress through its paces. Second, the double-lock valve stops potential air leaks in two places, sealing the air in while you pump, and locking the air in while you sleep through the night. In fact, Coleman is so confident in this mattress and its ability to retain air pressure that it comes with a 1-year warranty. Find a leak? Losing air pressure too quickly ? Get your money back!

Features and Specs

  • Dimensions when inflated: approx. 78 x 60 x 18
  • Weight when inflated: 17.5 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year, included
  • Zippered storage bag, included
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    Built-in air pump, included

Customer Reviews

A quick search on Amazon will find many happy customer reviews. Out of 930 reviews, the Coleman SupportRest air mattress has an average review rating of 3.8 stars. One customer states, “Fabulous air bed - I've had several guests (and pets) enjoy it! I've purchased a few cheap air beds and they always have trouble - this time I chose a trusted brand and I couldn't be happier!”

Another customer gushes that, “This air mattress is SUPER comfortable even without sheets. We don't feel bad asking anyone to sleep on it because it's so comfortable. We use it in the house for guests when we've got too many people staying over at once but plan to use it camping as well.”

A third customer says, “Great inflatable mattress. Plugged pump into the wall and worked great for inflating it fairly quickly, and when deflating, it sucked the remaining air out to make sure it could be folded up and stored flat. Held air for the two days we use the mattress, however, as the instructions say, after using it a few days it does need to be reinflated the first couple of times until the material has stretched properly.”


  • Double lock valve system helps to keep air in through a system of air seals
  • Patented ComfortStrong internal coil construction helps mattress to maintain its strength and shape, reducing bulging and keeping a level sleeping surface.
  • Included 1-year warranty helps give you peace of mind, should a problem arise.
  • Built-in air pump makes inflation and deflation a snap.


  • Some customers report that new mattresses, fresh from the factory, need to “air out” due to a strong chemical presence.
  • Some fitted sheets can be difficult to fit due to slightly different dimensions from standard.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What is the weight limit for this bed?
  • While not specifically tested, customers report that a combined weight of 450-500 pounds (distributed between two adults) can be handled with no problem.
  • Does this particular air mattress have to be plugged in to work?
  • The built-in electric pump needs to be plugged in. However, there is also an opening where you could use a hand-pump.
  • Is this bed easy to set up and tear down?
  • Yes. The included pump makes set up and tear down a breeze, and the convenient carrying case helps keep the air mattress safe until the next use.

​Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Coleman SupportRest air mattress gives you a strong, durable, comfortable night’s sleep while giving you peace of mind. The internal coils help it keeps it shape, and the double valve air sealing system helps keep air where it should be.

If you’re looking for a strong mattress worth the Coleman name, the SupportRest is the mattress for you.

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